Petstages Mini Cool Chew Dog Toy

Petstages Mini Cool Chew Dog Toy

I’ve always thought small plush toys were easily destructible after my dog chewed up nearly a dozen palm-sized furry critter toys. The pile of “retired” toys — each missing an arm, leg, ear, eye, stuffing etc… just kept piling up. Teething puppies are unrelentless when it comes to chewing, chewing, and more chewing. It’s good to have toys around so they don’t get into the habit on chewing on things they shouldn’t be chewing on.

My local Petco associate recommended the Petstages Mini Cool Chew Dog Toy as something that would be durable and I was skeptical.

When we got home, I gave the toy to my dog. He loved it and tugged and pulled and tried his hardest to destroy The Mini Cool Chew Toy like all his other toys. But nothing happened. Even though he had tiny teeth, the little fringes at the end kept slipping out when he tried to yank them off. I quickly realized that this toy was going to be a keeper!

Eventually he learned that he couldn’t destroy it, so he stopped playing with it. To re-gain his interest, I followed instructions to soak and freeze the toy since it is called Mini “Cool” Chew Toy and is supposed to help with teething. He didn’t like that very much though. Instead of chewing like I expected, he just licked the toy when it was frozen. Instead, I decided to soak to toy in things that he liked including milk and beef broth and dipping it in yogurt, which he loves.

As far as weaknesses go for the Petstages Mini Cool Chew Dog Toy is that it is very mini, as the name states. The toy is about the size of a dollar bill in total so it is not meant for bigger dogs that will outgrow it quickly. My dog only grew to 20 pounds, and to this day, the toy is still as whole as it was the day I purchased it many months ago. This is a must-purchase for new puppy owners who need a durable chew toy for teething dogs. Even if freezing it with water doesn’t work, one can always try freezing with beef or chicken broth. 

At under $4 on Amazon (and a little over that at Petco), the Petstages Mini Cool Chew Dog Toy is definitely worth a try for small-medium puppy owners.

Four and a half stars from me and only half a star off for effort it takes to re-gain interest. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you are also passionate about dog toys!!